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My Approach to Health, Nutrition, and Coaching 




















I approach every client as an individual made up of many different systems. Although my approach with each client is very different, there are some general principles I value in my practice as an integrative medicine health coach that will help you decide if we are a good fit…


  • Personalized solutions that work for YOU, because one size does not fit all


  • Nutrient dense foods- when we eat mostly high quality and foods that nourish YOU we find that a little goes a long way and we feel fabulous. Even though you may be eating foods that are considered healthy, they may not be healthy for you. It's our job to work together to find the exact foods that benefit your mind, body, and soul.


  • Compassionate guidance and careful listening- so that together we can create a plan, individualized protocols, and a personal approach that empowers and works for you. I take the time to listen to your whole story from inception to present day to build an in depth picture of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health history . I'm always available 24/7 email, call, or text message to answer any questions you have or just for support. 


  • It’s all about balance- Balanced blood sugar maintains your energy and mood levels, releasing you from cravings, and it’s at the heart of wellness and longevity. Balanced hormones allow you to feel greater vitality, improve your ability to more easily cope with life’s challenges, release weight, and feel like your best self again. Balance in your gut improves your digestive fire, increasing regularity and nutrient absorption as well as improves your immune system. And balance in your life creates the space for prioritizing your health. Valuing the importance of self-care creates the space for prioritizing your health and bringing that excitement back to all parts of your life- work, family, relationships, etc.


  • Gut health and healing- is sometimes an underlying cause of other health issues and concerns. When your digestive track is healthy you will notice other improvements like clearer skin, better mood, greater focus, clearer thinking, weight loss, reduced inflammation, and less pain. It often all comes down to the gut!


  • Quality and strategic supplementation- when necessary, as part of larger version of healing and wellness. I believe in the power of food to heal however, sometimes strategic supplementation can assist your body in that process. I can also provide options and suggestions so that you know the products you are taking are of high quality and value.


  • Test don’t guess- Science based approach to health and wellness to identify the possessors behind your dis-ease while valuing the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection to health and well-being


  • Get to the root cause- I am not about treating your symptoms holistically, I focus on getting to the root cause of your dis-ease causing those symptoms in the first place. That way when we work towards removing or reversing what’s at the root cause of your symptoms your dis-ease will also diminish. You will also gain the tools necessary to identify and remove those stressers if they ever occur again in the future.


  • Practical and realistic approach to making healthy changes. Whether that is through guidance in planning and preparing meals, grocery shopping, making over your pantry, or making sense of eating out—I will meet you where you are in the process.




As an integrative medicine health coach, my roll is to guide you in your journey towards greater wellness (life ride of dis-ease and full of vitality). My holistic approach means we will look at all aspects of your health including body, mind, and spirit.

Together we will look at your sense of well-being from many dimensions including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. Each part contributes to the health of the whole. To help you feel better, we may look at your patterns of sleep, ways to manage stress, digestive fire, nutrition goals, exercise, relationships, your sense of connection, and even your environment.

I specialize in re-balancing you as a whole and empowering you to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle supported by good nutrition, stress management, movement, and healthy relationships. 

Empowering Clients to Feel Their Best

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